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Fruit juice bottle moulds

Round, skinny, textured or engraved, fruit juice bottles need to stand out! With our expert knowledge of glass container mould production, SONOMO will help you custom-design your bottles and set your products apart from others.

Engraving a seal or a crest, or using a specific bottle shape will help consumers identify your products, create a surprise and make it an event.

Are you seeking a solution to an urgent need? Are you an industrial glass maker in the food industry and wish to establish a solid partnership with an expert mould maker? Are you an independent producer and wish to set yourself apart from the competition?

SONOMO can produce glass container moulds for your high added-value bottles in short deadlines.

What are our areas of expertise? Moulds intended for wine bottles, Champagne bottles, Cognac bottles, Vodka bottles, Gin bottles and other liquors and aperitifs, water bottles, oil bottles or fruit juice bottles. SONOMO can also produce pot moulds and jar moulds.

Contact us for more information: +33 (0)4 78 07 40 00

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